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Store is closed as of March 24, 2019

Items will NOT be available for purchase after the close date. All orders placed from this store will be combined following the closing date of the store. Once a store has closed, products will be delivered within 3-4 weeks, unless otherwise noted on the item. Team store items are not returnable for any reason except manufacturers defect. H&L Team Sales, Inc. is not responsible for wrong sizes being ordered.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will deduct your cookie dough credit from your order total on the checkout page.  In order to get your credit, you will need to enter a promo code in the “Do you have a coupon?” box and then click on “Apply Coupon”.  Your coupon code will be “CTF#”, with the # being the credit amount you are owed from selling the cookie dough – $3.00 per container sold.  For example, if you sold 10 containers, your credit is $30.00 and your coupon code would be CTF30.  Please see Coach Bertz for your credit amount and/or if you have any questions.
Items will be delivered to Coach Bertz for distribution.

Sorry this store is closed as of March 24, 2019
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